Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

When it comes to running your business, the sky’s the limit. For us, there's no company too big and no loan too complex for us to handle. Our specialized groups, available through your Wintrust Community Bank®, are prepared to handle deals that go beyond our typical loan structures.

Our experienced teams of capital markets professionals work under a unique execution-focused philosophy. Whether a merger or acquisition; construction and expansion plan; interest rate protection and known cash flows on extended durations; foreign exchange (FX) capabilities; equipment and capital purchase; dividend recapture and share repurchase; or employee stock ownership plan, we understand the current debt climate and can help you get started.


Our group has a proven track record in structuring, arranging, and syndicating multi-bank senior credit facilities across our core and niche lending businesses.

For more information, contact Patrick Hennelly at 312-837-1333.


Our foreign exchange services include currency risk management, order management, trade execution, wire transfer, currency management program structuring, and hedging strategy development. We also offer foreign bank notes and have more than 80 currencies on hand at our branches or available for next day delivery.

Contact Tom Beube at 312-291-2904 to learn more.


Interest rate swaps and related derivatives allow your organization to achieve fixed rate protection on any loan at low market driven rates. Interest rate protection, flexibility, and cost-effective execution are all available to any qualified borrower.

To learn more, contact Phil Sheridan at 847-939-9042.


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